Jack Ferver



The poster is a site-specific project, showing a series of different layers of spaces. Through the human gaze, the site becomes a temporary heterotopia. When you first gaze at the poster, you see a hand behind the glass coming towards you. The hand is reflected by the round mirror, and the real hand isn’t fully shown in the poster. The hand seems to jump out of the poster frame then extend to the real architectural space — the reality, where we stand, in front of the mirror, the poster, the frame. When you realize that it’s just a flat printed poster, you immediately recognize the second space — the world outside reflected into the poster — because the poster was pasted behind the glass door of the entrance to the art school building. So, while reading the text on the palm of the hand, the address of the school was revealed in the poster through the reflection of the glass. Finally, when you step out of the boundaries of this heterotopia and gaze at yourself reflected through the front of the glass door, you know what a poster can offer the world.

Poster & photography by Zhongkai Li

Printed in New Haven, U.S., 2018, size: 60x90cm