Zoe Zenghelis: Fields, Fragments, Fictions

Visual Identity

“My paintings became influenced by my architectural experiences, but they work differently as conceptual views of my own world of images. My affinity with architecture is thematic and goes into a genre that could be called pure fiction. The straight rendering gets reduced to conceptual elements that are of a different nature; they are in a state of dematerialization to enter the world of imagination.”

Zoe Zenghelis: Fields, Fragments, Fictions, presented in the galleries of the Heinz Architectural Center, is a solo exhibition that celebrates the artist’s work at the intersection of painting and spatial imagination.

The design methodology behind the exhibition intervenes with Zenghelis's practice in a speculative and narrative way. An invented line-based device appears as a navigation system, divider, and contemplative space for resettlement; it appears crossing the fold and unfolding, in between turns and glances, flips and pauses. We encourage visitors to explore the exhibition by following the relevance between Zenghelis's voice, images, colors, and words.

Installation photos: Tom Little